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Architecture Foundations Quiz

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All architecture is design but not every design is architecture?

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Every system has an architecture even if the system has been built without any architecture intent?

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In the layered architecture, which of the following are correct?

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The CAP theorem states that it is impossible for a distributed data store to simultaneously provide more than two out of the three guarantees. What are the 3 guarantees that the CAP theorem refers to?

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As an architect, I don’t need to worry about the business requirements as it is not my responsibility?

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What are the important skills that you need to have as an architect?

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Which of the following is a more accurate definition of Architecture?

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What is true about layered architecture?

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What are the Architect Document Records (ADRs) used for?

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When building your architecture of a system, what is most important?

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Which of the following are pros of using pipe and filter architectures?

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In distributed applications (E.g. microservices), the ACID transactions are more complex to implement because of (Select all correct answers):

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What better defines the Microkernel architecture?

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What is one of the main weaknesses of layered architecture?

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Select the correct answers about the Pipeline Architecture:

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