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Software Architecture Workshop

This 2-days interactive workshop is oriented to learning Software Architecture Fundamentals and building new skills by exposing the participants to concepts and practical case studies.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have a clear plan for smoothly transitioning to an architect.

Course Overview

This workshop focuses on:

  • Answering the questions: “Why do we need architecture” and “what is software architecture?” and presenting the goals and concerns of architecture.
  • Explaining the role and the responsibilities of the architect
  • Addressing the architecture core concepts including the quality attributes (non-functional requirements), the importance of abstraction, the risks, the constrains and their impacts on the architecture decisions.
  • Introducing architectural patterns, styles and principles.
  • Documenting and communicating the architecture to the different stakeholders.

Workshop Content

The following is the content of the workshop:

  1. Core concepts of the architecture
  2. Quality attributes (non-functional requirements)
  3. Risks and Constraints
  4. Architecture Styles & Patterns
  5. Documentation and Diagramming
  6. Soft skills and learning

Our workshops are run on-site with clients or can also offered online. Pricing depends on number of students taking the class. Please contact us for details.


This workshop is designed for architects, senior developers and engineers who are transitioning to an architect role or doing architecture work whatever their title.

Workshop Format

Real life case studies, exercises and quizzes are a large part of this two-day workshop, which is oriented toward building skills rather than simply exposing participants to new concepts.