Last updated on February 7th, 2021 at 02:23 pm

Cultivating Architecture

Martin Fowler & Birgitta Böckeler (48 mins)
The architecture is the hard stuff… what ever that is.

Fundamentals of Software Architecture

Neal Ford and Mark Richards (57 mins)
Software architecture is frequently highlighted as one of the most desirable careers. In this webinar, Neal Ford and Mark Richards give a unique perspective into their book, Fundamentals of Software Architecture. They talk through some of the book’s most important insights about software architectures — and why you should be wary thinking there’s one best possible solution.

Building Evolutionary Architectures

Rebecca Parsons (30 mins)
This talk, based on the published book Building Evolutionary Architectures co-authored by Rebecca and Neal Ford, investigates how to build evolvable systems.

Pragmatic Architecture

Ted Neward (51 mins)
Ever wondered what a software architect is? Or what a software architecture is? Ever wondered what a software architect does? Even if you are one?

Visualising software architecture with the C4 model

Simon Brown (34 mins)
He explores the visual communication of software architecture based upon a decade of Simon’s experiences working with software development teams large and small across the globe.

Bounded Contexts

Eric Evans (34 mins)
Domain Driven Design (DDD)

Resolving technical debts in software architecture

Carola Lilienthal (54 mins)
In this talk, you will see how you should improve your architecture and source code to prevent technical debt from growing unrestricted.