Here are my favorite microservices books:

1- Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems: if you are new to Microservices, I would recommend starting reading this book as it provides you with a firm grounding in the concepts. You will learn what microservices are, the pros and cons, and learn practical advices on how to design, implement and test microservice applications. There is a second edition of this book coming soon. 

2-    Microservices patterns: I found this book useful to learn about patterns to use when building microservices applications. It starts with a brief introduction of microservices, their pros, and cons and then addresses different topics such as the communication between services, the test strategies, and the deployment of the microservices. In addition, this book provides practical tips to decompose monolithic applications into microservices. I highly recommend this book for architects and developers that want to learn more deeply about microservices.

3-    Monolith to Microservices: the main focus of this book is to present different strategies to migrate monolithic applications to microservices. This transition is presented as a journey where you refactor your application incrementally while maintaining your business as usual. Make sure to have this book on your bookshelf if you are working on migrating a monolithic application to microservices. 

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My name is Adel Ghlamallah and I’m an architect and a java developer.

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